Preparing Your Home to Sell

When you are getting ready to sell, if you are thinking of selling in the next few weeks or even months from now, there are things you should do to get your home into buyer-ready shape. Here are a few things you can work on now, and download the rest of our list.

  • In the kitchen, cabinets (both inside and the doors) need a cleaning. We encourage sellers to declutter while they are at it. Buyers will look inside the cabinets, so we recommend boxing up the extra dishes, Tupperware, and spices while you are cleaning and making the insides nice and neat.
  • While you are in the kitchen, clean and tidy up the fridge. Again, less is more, so use up or toss all those extra salad dressing containers, mustard, and hot sauce packets.
  • Give appliances a thorough cleaning including the inside of the stove, the stovetop, grease traps, vacuum the back of the fridge, etc.
  • Remove all the papers and magnets that might be on the fridge.
  • Kitchen counters seem to attract a lot of clutter. We recommend clearing everything off and only putting back a few things that you are going to need for the next 90 days and that aren’t visually distracting. For example, you might need a toaster and a coffee maker. As long as those look neat and in working order, they can stay. But don’t leave a can of coffee on the counter. That goes in a cabinet.

And that is just the kitchen! If you would like our full checklist of things we look for before putting a home on the market, simply fill out the form below and we will deliver that to your inbox ASAP!

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