Services for Sellers

Selling a property can be exciting as you look forward to your next step, but there is sometimes a lot of emotion that goes into selling a home. It is important to get your home sale right so your proceeds can be utilized for all your life’s future adventures.  My goal is to maximize your return on investment and create the smoothest sale possible.

Initial Strategy Session: First, I want to learn about your goals and expectations.  We’ll also walk through your home with “buyer’s eyes”, looking for those features that buyers are going to love and will add to your bottom line as well as issues that might be troubling to the buyer. I will create a list of suggested “to do” items that will have the most impact on the sale of your home. This will include everything from a thorough cleaning to removing any clutter and extra items from the home and garage to cleaning up landscaping and making sure the front of the home is welcoming. See our Preparing Your Home to Sell page to learn more. I have a number of vendors who can take care of many of the items on the list. Oftentimes a small initial investment and some elbow grease can result in a big payoff.

Net Proceeds: It is important to understand how much money you will have at the end of the transaction so you can plan for your next step. Of course, we won’t know this number for sure until we have an executed purchase and sale agreement from a buyer and have worked through all the issues around inspection and appraisal, but we can run a number of scenarios so you can have a range.

Timing: Is your ideal moving time in a month? Six months from now? It doesn’t really matter? If you do have a date range in mind for moving, we need to reverse-engineer this so we allow for enough time to get it on the market, attract buyers, negotiate an offer, do an inspection, get an appraisal, and give the buyer enough time to secure lending.

Showings and Open Houses: When your home is listed, buyers and their agents will want to see it. I will work with you to determine a plan that will work for your schedule, but will also allow buyers to see your home and hopefully fall in love and make an offer.

Communication: When your home is listed, I will be in touch with you on at least a weekly basis to update you on buyer interest including traffic, showings, phone calls, and more to make sure we are on track.

On our Marketing Plan page, I outline some of the different types of marketing that I will employ to get your home sold.