Welcome Briscoe! (and Congratulations Hailey!)

We have a new addition to the Rarden Team trail family: Briscoe, the blue roan quarter horse.

Briscoe is just 4 years old, so he is the youngest of our group of five horses. His birthday was May 18th, the day we got to Sandpoint Idaho to pick him up. (Happy birthday, new buddy!) He’s trail broke and we’re going to be learning a lot together. Hailey is thrilled to have Briscoe as her new partner in crime adventure.


Briscoe is such a lover. He is always excited to see anyone who calls his name three times, and he particularly likes nose-kisses. He also loves to play with his exercise ball!  You’ll be seeing more of him in our Realtor Rides videos, or you could meet him in person if you want to join us on the trail.

Being horsewomen and REALTORS® at the Rarden Team, we have a practical eye for horse properties, ranches, and land. We’re used to taking the trail less traveled, literally and metaphorically, and we don’t shy away from new or difficult situations. Calm leadership and guidance is just as important in the saddle as it is at the negotiation table.

Of course, we work with more than just equestrian properties. We are local experts with deep roots in our community. Whether you are an active horse lover looking for a new barn, just a fan of the western equestrian aesthetic, or moving in to Kittitas County for the first time, we’ve got your back as a team, which means you have twice the support and experience in your corner. 

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