Upper Kittitas County – September 2021 Real Estate Market Round-Up

It wasn’t just the autumn air—last month was brisk! Even though the market is slowing down as usual for autumn and winter, two-thirds of homes listed in September accepted an offer in 14 days or less. The sweet spot seemed to be around 6 days, with 23 of the 45 new listings accepting an offer before they were a week on the market. This turnover rate is similar to what we saw in the summer.

Inventory – Active vs Pending Listings

Comparing active to pending listings gives us a sense of demand. Overall, Upper Kittitas County is seeing more pending listings than active listings, which means buyer demand is still strong. As we mentioned with the days-on-market trends, homes are being snapped up quickly.

*Yes, we know that +500% growth in Roslyn’s pending listings isn’t technically correct, as the formula to get the year-over-year growth would divide 5 by 0, which is mathematically impossible. But we wanted to represent the surge in activity as 5 listings accepted an offer last month. (Typically, we see between 1 and 3 listings accept an offer.)

Median Sales Prices

The median sales prices for September 2021 outperformed last year in most areas! The drop in the number of homes sold is consistent with our low inventory.

List Price to Sales Price

Don’t pay attention to the down-arrow, because a 100% Sale-to-List Price Ratio is right where we want to be! This indicates that our market is starting to balance out and homes are being listed at the fair market price.

It is seasonally appropriate for things to slow down in autumn as many people prepare for the holidays and the coming winter. However, there are also many advantages to selling and house-hunting in autumn. Serious buyers and sellers can find great opportunities, both from an investment and a lifestyle point of view. If you’re looking to make a move before the holidays, let’s chat about market strategy for this time of year.

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