Our Home Buying Team

Let’s show each team member in a box with an image or icon – see her Buyer Package for images that are already selected for this.

When you are getting ready to buy a home, it is important to make sure you have the right people who can get the job done ready, willing, and able to work seamlessly on your behalf. It isn’t enough to just have your agent at your side (although we will be more than happy to help you assemble this team when the time comes). Here are the other team members you should have at the ready:

Title – Title will run a history on your home to make sure there are no issues with ownership so the home will be all yours. In addition, they will identify any documents or easements that may come with your property. Lender – The lender will work with you to determine your home-buying budget and then will work with you to make sure they have the documentation they need to execute that loan on your behalf.
Appraiser – The appraiser will review the property to make sure you are paying market price for it. This protects both you and the bank! Inspector – Once your offer is accepted, the inspector will inspect the property for defects. Every home has defects, but our job will be to determine what we want to negotiate with the seller to fix before the home closes.

Escrow – Escrow coordinates all the paperwork, creates the final set of documents to sign by both parties, coordinates the transfer of money between buyer and seller, and makes sure the property closes in a timely manner.


The more team members you can secure up front, the better. Often, once you make an offer, things can get fast and furious in a hurry. During the transaction is not when you want to be checking online reviews of an inspector and hoping for the best. Do your vetting up front.

We have several great candidates for all these categories and would be happy to help you find team members to meet your needs. Let us know if you would like to start building your team now and we will send you some referrals.