Digital Detox in the High Country of Kittitas County

Technology is everywhere, and for some people it’s everything. Social media, entertainment, groups, forums, chats, texts, swiping left—right—up—down! Even for us, running a real estate business means emails, texts, phone calls, ads, marketing, and more—all facilitated by the internet. That much content consumption can eventually lead to information overload and burn out. Fortunately, we live in an amazing part of the country where it is possible to travel off the grid for a refreshing digital detox.

Recently, we had a team vacation where we unplugged, packed the horses, and rode up into the mountains for 4 days of solitude. No people, no devices. Just horses, dogs, and the pristine woodlands around us. We love taking trips like this to recharge our batteries, so to speak. Medical and behavioral research suggests that there are lots of benefits to a digital detox, and here are some that we experienced:

Improved Sleep: Roughing it on the ground in a tent might not sound like the way to get a good night’s rest, but with no alarms to wake us, and no cell-phone screens to keep us up at night, we could reconnect with our natural sleep patterns. When the sun went down, we went to bed. When the sun rose, we got up. Sleeping in? Well, only as much as the hungry dogs and horses would let us.

Creativity Boost: If you don’t have the regular tools at hand, it’s time to play MacGyver and figure out a work-around. There was no store to buy things at, no online search for “camping hacks,” and no one to ask for instructions. It was a totally different style of problem solving that stretched our creativity, while letting our real estate brains rest.

Mental Rest: Speaking of giving our real estate brains a rest, the solitude and silence allowed our minds to appreciate life in the moment. The regular hustle-and-bustle of life was replaced with tranquility and peace. With no deadlines, time tables, to-do lists, notifications, or paperwork, we could take our time. The luxury of ample time makes everything better, from the taste of food cooked over a campfire to grooming our horses to playing with the dogs.

Have you taken a digital detox lately? Even unplugging for one day this weekend or a few hours out on the trails can give you peace of mind and boost your productivity.

At the Rarden Team, we love our job. We love our clients. We especially love Kittitas County. So it’s always an extra special treat to get out into the high country for some R&R, which helps us come back refreshed and ready to serve our clients with renewed energy and a clear head. | 425-327-3915 | 425-974-9312

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